Muirder, Diaspora and the Irish Troubles

Simon Adams


‘The coffin was closed because the bullet goes in and makes a wee hole and comes out a big hole. An exit wound. It leaves you in a terrible state. She was gorgeous, too, so she was.’

Jean Smyth, aged 24, was killed in June 1972 early in Northern Ireland’s ‘dirty little war’.

Not one of the more than three thousand people who have been killed over the last thirty years of the conflict in Northern Ireland ever needed to die. Each one was a life cut unnecessarily short. Each death, on all sides, was particularly tragic for the family left behind. Nothing and no-one is forgotten. The cold Belfast soil, rich in blood and history, forbids it.

The dead are not the only victims. There are their spouses, children, families and friends. Whole communities bear the exit wounds. All of us do.

Our Jean was over 25 years dead and the Peace Process had stalled when the author went to Belfast to find out who shot her. He needed to know what happened to his aunt. What happened to Ireland. And why. We all do.

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large format paperback, 304 pages
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