Sydney's International Exhibition 1879

The world on show in Sydney ...
and Sydney on show to the world

Peter Proudfoot Roslyn Maguire Robert Freestone

'The first time the world's eyes were on fixed on Sydney'

Sydney's first, spectacular encounter with the allure of global attention was its International Exhibition of 1879. Telling that story, through architecture, landscape, politics, and popular and high culture, Colonial City, Global City recovers a large slice of Sydney's lost history. Explore the many fascinating facets of that first Australian 'world expo' - what visitors experienced, the music and poetry it inspired and, above all, the Garden Palace, the extraordinary building erected to house a fantastic variety of exhibits. This grand building in the Botanic Gardens along Macquarie Street dominated the city skyline and thrust Sydney onto the world stage much like the Olympics 2000. Sixteen historical essays and wealth of original and modern images reveal the lasting impact on the city's social and everyday life of the first colonial event on a grand scale.

The Faculty of the Built Environment contribution to the 2000 'World Expo of World Expos' and students including constructing a scale model of the Garden Palace with 'sound and light' show, all part of the University of New South Wales's 50th anniversary celebrations in 1999:

The World Expo of World Expos 2000 hosted by the Brandenburg Technical University in Germany traces the origins and development of the idea of world's fairs 1851 to 1998.

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paperback, 304 pages, Colour and B&W illustrations, index

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